Our team at JC Waller & Associates, PC has extensive knowledge and experience working with clients who develop and maintain an array of infrastructure with their design, permitting, construction observations and inspection needs. As caretakers of our world, developments must work in unison with the surroundings, whether it is a community of people or our natural environment. 


LIBERTY ROAD DRAINAGE & ROADWAY IMPROVEMENTS - Provided a stormwater infrastructure design hydrologic and hydraulic modelling analysis for the piping of a US Army Corps of Engineering jurisdictional stream for NCDOT roadway crossing. The stream crossing design included the installation of a 72” concrete reinforced pipe, stream bank stabilization methods and the design of headwalls and wing walls. The roadway design included designing a 26’ wide residential roadway to NCDOT standards to prevent overtopping during a 25-year rain event. Obtained all federal, state and local permits.


SUTTON ROAD NO IMPACT STUDY - The Polecat Creek floodplain encroachment study involved duplicating and converting a 1977 HEC-2 model to HEC-RAS model for a No-Rise Certification for a vehicular bridge replacement project. The project also required the submission and approval of the Floodplain development permit.


UNION SQUARE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS DD/CD PHASE - Provided BMP design services and a stormwater management plan for the construction of a 140,000 square foot research and classroom building at the new Downtown Union Square Campus. The stormwater management plan included performing an evaluation of the downstream stormsewer system to determine the impact proposed development on the existing storm sewer system. The BMP design included a 600-square foot underground sandfilter device which was design and permitted in accordance with state and local standards.

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