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K-12 Schools

Our design team at JC Waller & Associates, PC has extensive knowledge and experience working with Colleges and Universities to enhance and develop their campuses. We understand the challenges and demands that accompany developing a vibrant and growing campus.


HIGH POINT CENTRAL CAFETERIA ADDITION - Provided topographic, above-ground feature and underground utility location survey for approximately 4.08 ac for the building renovations and additions.  Services also included preparation of Landscaping Plan, Phased Construction Plans and preparation of Technical Specifications. Prepared a Construction Documents Engineers Probable Construction Cost Estimate for the civil/site improvements and assisted the Architect with the Bid Administration Phase. Also, prepared a stormwater piping network layout for the building addition that accommodates the Site Layout Plan and Grading Plan.


Heading 1

FOREST VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MODULAR BUILDING ADDITION - Provided civil engineering design, bid administration and construction engineering services for a modular classroom addition. Services included preparation of Site Demolition Plan, Site Layout Drawings, Site Grading Plan and Stormwater Management Plan. Also prepared the Site Utility Plan to identify necessary water, sanitary sewer and fire protection service connections to the modular building. Prepared City of Durham s utility record documents and site ADA certification for the structure’s Certificate of Occupancy.


PARKLAND HIGH SCHOOL PEDESTRIAN & TRAFFIC IMPROVEMENTS - Provided civil/site services which included development of two bus lots, one in the front of the school and another on the side with canopies. This required the reworking of onsite drop-off/pick-up circulation to include the canopy along with enhancements of onsite traffic circulation pattern. Replaced/reinforced existing asphalt paving in vehicular parking lot and travel path of the buses to withstand increased traffic loads.

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