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Transportation + Streetscapes

JC Waller & Associates, PC has in-depth experience in transportation planning and engineering services for public and private clients. Our focus is to design infrastructure networks that provide safe and convenient access to local communities. Our focus is on three primary aspects of surface transportation: 1) traffic engineering design, 2) roadway design and 3) parking lots. Our team provides leading-edge expertise as we face the challenges facing transportation today, such as the aging infrastructure, increasing traffic volume, outdated technology, space constraints, etc.


PEDESTRIAN WALKWAY - Provided civil/site engineering planning and design services for the street improvements for Blueford Street to replace water, sanitary sewer and stormsewer infrastructure within the roadway. In addition to replacing the stormsewer infrastructure, the entire roadway surface was replaced and pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures were added. A Traffic Control Plan was provided to maintain campus traffic circulation safe passage by pedestrian traffic.  


FLORIDA STREET EXTENSION - Provided civil/site engineering for the design of approximately 1000 feet of a four-lane road with a seven-foot landscape median and bicycle lanes. The roadway was designed to meet the City of Greensboro Department of Transportation’s requirements for a minor thoroughfare that would provide access to the 75-acre Gateway University Research Park-South Campus. The site design included a stormsewer design, pavement design, site grading and erosion control measures. The project required close coordination with NCDOT and the GDOT to resolve  issues with the proposed alignment and access concerns at E. Lee Street.


GATE CITY BOULEVARD STREETSCAPE - Provided civil/site/transportation engineering for streetscape design improvements to E. Gate City Boulevard, S. Elm Street, Arlington Street, and East Bragg Street to mitigate the impact of redeveloping a 7-acre brownfield site into a dynamic urban mixed-use site that is visually attractive and vibrant. The improvements to the roadways within the development included landscape, pedestrian, and traffic calming measures.  The project required close coordination with N. C. Department of Transportation and the City of Greensboro Department of Transporation due to a portion of the recommended improvements being performed under a separate City-led construction contract.

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